Matodi cofounder Jack Van Meerbeeck and Neptun founder Stefano Bavelloni, along with Matodi’s Canadian sales representative Stef Piccinin, recently traveled to Quebec for an onsite visit with Industries Vanier. Industries Vanier was founded in 2012 by Daniel Vanier and has quickly become an important supplier to the architectural glass market in Quebec. Part of Vanier’s success is directly attributed to his ongoing commitment to processing glass with the use of high-quality integrated equipment — constantly innovating to provide superior products and services to their customers.  

Vanier initially invested in a ROCK 14-45 – a popular straight-line edger from Neptun. More recently, Vanier has added to the Neptun line to include the Quickline series.

Daniel Vanier’s goal was to reach a higher level of productivity and flexibility. Neptun’s solution for hole drilling and milling/notching, Quickline, offers maximum productivity with a minimum investment. With the Quickdrill T8 it is possible to drill and mill/notch at the same time, increasing output.

Daniel Vanier discusses with Mr. Stefano Bavelloni ideas to improve his productivity.

The Wave Vertical Washing Machine was added to integrate with the Quickline T8. This integration reduces glass handling and directly improves Vanier’s productivity.
The tilt function at the exit of the Wave Vertical Washing machine improves safety when removing larger pieces of fabricated glass.
Matodi is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Industries Vanier and looks forward to bringing to Industries Vanier and other companies new products that will help integrate and automate the glass fabrication process.