Matodi’s Scott Miller offers some common handling and lifting challenges facing the flat glass industry and how EMH cranes and Barbaric lifters can be used to solve them.

While visiting customers and touring their production facilities I have noticed a growing trend in the size and weight that workers are required to lift and handle. This is true for both the typical glass fabrication facility as well as the window and door industry.  Potential issues surrounding this trend are rather obvious and are usually realized by one or more of the following:
  • High degree of worker fatigue which leads to reduced job satisfaction
  • Increased Work Comp Claims due to lifting related injuries
  • Increased labor costs
  • Only a few can handle the heavy lifting
Matodi offers customized solutions for glass lifting and handling by pairing the appropriate Barbaric lifter model with an EMH Crane system to perfectly fit the customers application. Here are a few of our recommendations if you’re considering a new lifter/crane system:

1. Loading and Unloading Glass

EMH Cranes are available in floor mounted or column mounted jibs with weight capacities up to 1,000 lbs. and a reach of 15 feet. These are a great option for the load and unload end of an IG line, washer or tempering line. Also available are free standing or ceiling mounted crane systems which are a great solution for a set of vertical polishers. EMH cranes can also be customized to accommodate the length of the machines.

2. Lifting and rotating glass on a vertical polisher:

 To make this process easier for one person rather than two, you can select a uniGlass UGL 2s which will lift (440 or 550 lbs.) and rotate up to 200° with very easy and safe operation.  If you have larger size and weight requirements, the uniGlass UGL 2 performs the same lift and rotate functions but is also able to manage 550 of 1100 lbs. with four suction cups.

3. Window assembly and handling:

For window assembly and handling double hung windows, the weight requirements are lower and often the movement needs are simpler. For this application we recommend the Glass miniLifter GML. The GML 1 is capable of safely lifting up to 220 lbs. The GML 2 is also able to lift 220 lbs. and can rotate the glass 360°.

4. Vertical machine to horizontal machine transfer:

In the case of needing to lift from a vertical rack and transfer to a table such as cutting or a horizontal washer or a tempering line the uniGlass UGL 3 is a smart choice. While lifting the typical 550 or 1100 lbs. the UGL 3 has a powerful 90° tilting feature. This makes it the ideal choice for moving glass from a vertical to horizontal position – with the push of a button the glass will be safely released from the vacuum cups when you are ready.

5. Loading and unloading horizontal machines:

When loading and unloading a horizontal CNC, the task often requires two people and sometimes climbing into the machine on a wet, slippery surface. This risky task can easily be replaced with the uniGlass UGL 4. One person can easily lift 550 or 1100 lbs., rotate up to 200° and tilt up to 90°.
If you have another lifting or handling challenge, contact our sales team for assistance in customizing the perfect EMH and Barbaric solutions for your business.