Neptun Wave Vertical Washer

Versatile Vertical Washers for Various Applications


Neptun has recently introduced the Wave series of vertical glass washing machines. Wave is their new mid-range addition to their line of quality vertical washers which include the high-end model Superinox and the entry-level LV Top.

Wave stands out for its flexibility in configuration, its reliability and superior performances in terms of automation, and its washing quality/productivity. Wave is available in the premium version Wave HP and the economic version Wave Easy. Wave Easy features minimal automation and cost savings while maintaining the same level of performance and quality as Wave HP.

All versions of Wave feature a strong stainless steel structure with long-lasting reliable components. The motorization is located on top of the machine, with two separate motors for the front and the rear brushes. The innovative opening system of the frame for thickness adjustment allows the optimal containment of the water during the washing process. The drying section is equipped with a touchless belt allowing perfect adhesion on the glass edge with perfect drying of the glass without leaving the typical marks from the conveying rollers.

Wave HP meets all the technical requirements for integration and automation, in conformity with the newest trend of Industry 4.0.

The new sophisticated control system offers multiple management options for various production parameters such as:

  • Smartspeed which varies the conveyor speed when in line with other machines for optimal process timing while still allowing for the efficient washing and drying of glass.
  • Ecosave for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption.
  • Water quality management and filter status to ensure the water being used to wash the glass meets quality standards.
  • Automatic recording of all production parameters, both stand alone and in-line, scheduled maintenance and on-line assistance, with the ability to export data from the control system. Perfect for Industry 4.0!
  • Automatic water pre-heating system which allows Wave to start the heating process of the water before the beginning of the shift, so glass processing can begin immediately.
  • NightCare. This is a system to automatically empty and refill the water tanks at a set time (for example overnight). NightCare is easily programmed from the control panel.

Wave is also available in a Heavy Duty configuration for processing heavy glass up to 300 kg per linear meter and glass thickness up to 80mm.