Now that GlassBuild America and Vitrum have come to an end, we can look back and reflect on the things we saw, the connections we made, and the things we did. Gathering the entire glass industry together is no small feat and each year these tradeshows get bigger and better. We had our largest booth ever at GBA and successfully showed off 12 of our most in-demand machines.

For many of our visitors Neptun’s Wave was a must-see. The large vertical washer astounded those by how quiet it ran compared to other machines with its sound-insulating technology for the dryer section.

Another always popular attraction was the Barbaric lifters. Visitors enjoyed getting their hands on the machines and trying them out – always leaving with peaked interest at how easy this glass handling solution is to use.

Finally, GoldGlass impressed many visitors with its even coating and dry to the touch results using the Paintline solution. Overall, we found that visitors were most interested in machines that were easy to use and that has some level of automation.


Part of our Sales team (Jack Van Meerbeeck, Steve White, and Lou Pongia) also spent their time at many of our partners’ booths during Vitrum.

Neptun released their new “Beyond Ordinary” campaign and showed off the new Quick Duo T8 solution and AWA which were extraordinary! 

IMMMES continued to impress visitors with their DTP water-treatment solutions, perfect for customers who want an automatic and chemical-free way to have the best water quality for their machines. Battellino’s FP-7 spindle edger was also popular with its sturdy reputation and small footprint. Above all we saw visitors consistently impressed with autonomous and semi-autonomous solutions.

Ultimately, these trade shows indicated how quickly the flat glass industry is moving towards Industry 4.0 and how many of our customers are ready for the machinery with these capabilities. We also saw that some customers preferred low levels of automation and wanted to keep machinery footprint small. No matter what you are looking for (fully autonomous solutions such as IMMMES or something small and traditional such as a Barbaric lifter or Battellino edger), Matodi is here to find you the machine your production floor needs.