Our partners at Neptun have had an exciting year. In addition to continuing to help customers wash, dry, mill, and drill in the same way they have for years on Neptun machines, Neptun has pushed to go beyond the standard and is releasing innovative new machinery and features. Matodi is proud to have the opportunity to present these innovations to our customers.

They say that good things come in small packages and that is the case for the first new Neptun machine. The Quick 2 T8 is designed for our customers who are looking for milling and drilling capabilities, but do not have the space to have separate milling and drilling machines (or our QuickLine). You can drill, countersink, and mill quickly and precisely while maintaining a small footprint that will fit into your production space. This innovative vertical CNC machine also has automatic dressing, measuring and tool changing systems to make operation a breeze.

Neptun’s second new release is Automatic Wheel Adjustment (AWA). This feature is available as an option for all Rock edgers and will change the way you operate. You’ll notice the absence of handwheels on the front of the machine right away. It may look strange, but the fully automatic management of the wheels (including the arris wheels) will help you minimize the need for operator intervention – making the process more efficient and more consistent regardless of operator experience. Additionally, AWA’s automatic compensation system promotes extended wheel life and will notify operators when wheels need to be changed!

As we make the march towards Industry 4.0 and more advanced machinery, we here at Matodi want to help you find the machines that best fit your needs and provide you with the best in the industry. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how Neptun’s machines can work for you.